Ok. First time I ever attempted to draw Hiei from Yu Yu Hakusho!

Just look at this guy. He’s so tiny yet he can curb-stomp anyone twice, or even THRICE his size! He’s a badass in my book.

This is totally out of the blue, but I’m going to go ahead and start reblogging some of my non-video game art from now on :). Just a heads up if you wanna see some of my other works!

hiei yu yu hakusho I'm also tagging this as ghost fighter just because :3

mariobro123587 asked:

I really like this blog, it reminds me of Brawl in the Family. Keep making your cool stuff!

Epic Smash Time Answer:

I will, and thank you!!! :)


the-one-true-alpha-nerd asked:

If you have the time you should draw the Four Swords+ crew. They'd look adorable in your style. :3

Epic Smash Time Answer:

maaaaaaybe…. :)

the-one-true-alpha-nerd ask

sweetiepete asked:

Hi there. I saw your Link Sailor Scout art awhile back and I really loved it, I thought it was really cute and amazing. I was inspired by it so much that I'm actually making a cosplay of it. While I'm still working on it I hope to send you a picture of it when it's completed. :)

Epic Smash Time Answer:

Oh please, please, PLEASE DO! That would be awesome and I’m so excited to see it! xD


Anonymous asked:

Make moar of the SSB comics please!! I love them so much omg!! ;A; I have a suggestion/request though will you make a comic that is focused on Fox and Falco? (not love shippy though yech) But it's alright if you don't want to!! Keep up the good work! ^w^

Epic Smash Time Answer:

I’m so glad you love them! I make them mostly for fun but yeah, that makes me happy :<3

Anonymous asked:

i love how you draw link oh my god your style is incredible

Epic Smash Time Answer:

Thank you anon! Not to sound a bit obsessed, but I do enjoy drawing Link quite a lot! ^.^;


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